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4BangersProduction’s LIMITED HOLIDAY EDITION Detail Spray is the true definition of a spray wax, ease of use and it produces a noticeable slicker finish. Keep a good coat of this on your vehicle and when it comes time to wash the bugs and grit off, the task is much easier.

Contains no powders, so there is no fear of staining rubber or plastic moldings if it gets on them. Safe for all painted surfaces, chrome, painted plastics, glass, wraps, carbon fiber. Put a good coat on your clean wheels and then when it comes time to wash the brake dust off, the job is so much easier.

Powered By #TurboWax

Directions for Use:

  • Shake Well
  • Surface must be clean and cool
  • Spray into a microfiber towel
  • Spread the detail spray evenly in the surface
  • Work on one section at the time
  • Use the other clean dry side of the microfiber or a new towel to remove any excess residue
  • Can be applied to a wet or dry surface
  • Comes with spray nozzle

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